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Mr. Faraz Syed

Welcome to the multifaceted world of Mr. Faraz Syed – a seasoned professional with a diverse educational background and a wealth of experience. Mr. Faraz is not just an individual; he is a dynamic force, seamlessly blending his technical expertise with a deep understanding of legal frameworks and business acumen. Let's take a closer look at his journey through the realms of academia and industry.

1) B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering): Mr. Faraz Syed's journey began with a strong foundation in Computer Science and Engineering, where he cultivated a passion for cutting-edge technologies. Armed with a Bachelor's degree, he ventured into the ever-evolving landscape of software and systems.

2) P.G.D. (Digital and Cyber Forensic Science & Related Law): Recognizing the paramount importance of cybersecurity, Mr. Faraz embarked on a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital and Cyber Forensic Science & Related Law. This specialized knowledge empowers him to navigate the intricate world of digital security and legal implications, making him a valuable asset in today's tech-driven environment.

3) M.Tech. (Software Systems): To further refine his technical prowess, Mr. Faraz pursued a Master's in Technology with a focus on Software Systems. This advanced degree equipped him with the skills needed to architect robust and scalable software solutions, ensuring a holistic understanding of the entire software development life cycle.

4) M.B.A. (HR & Supply Chain Management): Recognizing the importance of organizational dynamics, Mr. Faraz broadened his horizon with an MBA in Human Resources and Supply Chain Management. This unique combination of technical expertise and managerial acumen positions him as a strategic thinker capable of aligning technology initiatives with broader business goals.

Mr. Faraz Syed is not just an academic achiever; he is a pragmatic professional who has successfully navigated the complexities of the corporate world. His journey extends beyond educational accolades to a rich tapestry of experiences, making him a sought-after advisor and investor for various firms.

As an advisor, Mr. Faraz brings a holistic perspective to the table, considering not only the technical feasibility but also the legal and organizational implications of decisions. His collaborative approach ensures that businesses are not just technologically sound but also aligned with ethical and legal standards.

Faraz Syed
Faraz Syed
Mr. Syed Zakirullah - Chief Systems Manager at IHM- Aurangabad

A Master of Computer Science, Bachelor of Computer Science, Diploma in Electronics, Diploma in Hardware and Network Engineering, Diploma in Computer Application. He is pursuing PG Diploma in Cyber Law.

Syed Zakirullah is working as a Chief Systems Manager at Maulana Azad Educational Trust's Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad affiliated with Huddersfield University, United Kingdom (UK) and collaborated with Indian Hotel Company Limited (Taj Group).

He is a technology enthusiast. He has 20 years of experience in Computer arena, field of specialization in component level trouble shooting, Server and Firewall Configurations, Centralised Surveillance Systems. He has implemented Property Management Systems and ERP's successfully considering Hotel Management Institutes. He has guided and successfully incorporated centralised bandwidth and firewall systems for more than 10 Institutions of the Maulana Azad Educational Trust in 2008. He was featured in one of the the leading Newspapers of Maharashtra as a youngest Scientist for his Robotics project He was also the Management representative in Maulana Azad Educational Trust and associated for 14 years under the guidance and leadership of Padmashri Late Mrs. Fatma Rafiq Zakaria.

His research interest are in the domain of Cloud Computing and Firewalls in educational Institutions.

Syed Zakirullah
Syed Zakirullah